Society for Fusion of Science & Technology

The Collegium of people, from academia and research, entrepreneurs, industry experts, engineers, artists, legal, medical and management professionals who have come together to promote inter-disciplinary science and technology, enhance synergetic partnership between academia and industry, undertake systematic studies and research in scientific endeavours of national and international importance, have culminated into the Society for Fusion of Science and Technology, and the mission lies in addressing current challenges and promoting newer horizons for science, engineering, and technology for a sustainable future. The society was started in 2015 and has to its credit innumerable achievements in research, teaching, promotion of technology and social welfare.

The SFST would like to express a deep sense of gratitude to all strategic partners, keynote speaker, sponsors, delegates, participants, exhibitors and those who directly or indirectly helped in making NFEST-2018 a great success.